Nature Reconnection

I offer Nature Reconnection workshops, personal coaching, and organizational consulting.   Nature is a central influence towards achieving agreed upon goals and outcomes. 

Here is why that is relevant today!

  1. Nature is constantly teaching us about us.

    One failure of the biosphere project in the Arizona desert was the death of the trees. Trees need wind to grow their roots. Without wind the root structure will not be strong enough and the connection to Earth will not be sturdy enough for the tree to branch and grow. It’s the same for us. This analogy is helpful in situations where managing external stress is eased by focusing on our personal “roots” or values, behaviors and purpose. These aspects of our lives that have the potential to be clarified by excessive stress. It works personally, professionally and organizationally. That’s one example from my library of materials and activities delivered in a natural setting in order to access the transformational and guiding energy available to us in Nature. We leave the abstract world and venture into a safe, real world natural setting to free imagination and creative thinking.

  2. I believe that our sensory intelligences are a form of natural genius that we rely on for living well.

    Sensory intelligence is a vital key to our creativity, problem solving abilities and critical thinking. Activities and processes in Nature nourish these intelligences and capacities. As we become grounded in our own experience and trust that truth over the “stories” we’ve being told confidence and clarity grow. That’s key to making positive, purposeful and enduring life changes.

  3. Scientific research into Nature continues to amaze us with new insights and horizons of discovery.

    We now have proof that plants are highly sensory life forms. They communicate to each other through biochemical messengers. These same biochemical messengers reach humans as well for our benefit.  Chinese Medicine, Western and Native People’s Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Nutrition are all nature based modalities that influence energies in our bodies and minds.  New data collection methods and analysis Japan and Korea confirm that humans experience significant physiological changes simply by being in a natural environment and “soaking” in its natural elements.


Nature is our wildly genius personal and planetary transformer physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To sideline Nature is to sideline us.

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“The oldest form of medicine is enchantment.” Carl Jung

It is necessary for humanity to “fall in love with Nature” and to rest from over exposure to modern conditioning, synthetic environments and the psychic burdens of pollution, waste and the cacophony of the concrete jungle. We rarely realize that our life is being drowned out by our denatured and desensitized lifestyles. As we reacquaint ourselves with our sensing bodies our perceptions of our world change. We hear differently and more deeply, we sense fascination with the soar and song of the birds, shape and structure of the trees, swirl of tide pools, pebbles, seashells, and seaweed, the magic of clouds, plants, colors, textures, fragrances, light, shadow, and temperature. We begin to feel the flight of the bird gliding through our consciousness, the roll of the ocean wave, the serenity of washed sand, and a transformation occurs – our relationship to all of life. Our perceptions change and, in tandem, our thoughts change. Reacqauinted with our sensing bodies we are reenchanted with the world around us and within us.

The purpose of Nature Reconnection is to “reweave the human heart, mind and body to the web of life.”
As multi-sensory beings we need multi-sensory experiences for our health, happiness and well-being.

Our synthetic environments can’t offer the multi-sensory experience of the natural world. That’s why when our instincts are healthy we “go for a walk” to improve/change our perspective. It’s natural.

When we bring Nature Reconnection in to our lives the quality of our personal and professional relationships improve. The more we experience Nature on a consistent basis the more we reflect her beauty, balance and intelligences in our own lives.

Organizations, families, individuals and teams  that place a high priority on re-naturing reduce stress, improve creativity and communications and establish a “new ground” creating the future.  To learn more contact us here: contact us.