Nature In The Boardroom

NATURE IN THE BOARDROOM Giving Nature a “seat at the table” changes everything. Never mind she actually brings the boardroom table, the building, sun, stars, water, food, air and you! To be clear, I’m not […]

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Nature Cures Stress

Nature Cures Stress With the right dose, Nature works miracles and cures stress. According to current research on Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing,  a 2 hour dose of nature in a safe and tree-shaded setting […]

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Living My Gift Now

You are gifted. Sense the most beautiful tree, flower or even a tiny blade of grass that you can see – notice the color, fragrance, shape, form, texture, energy, vibrancy and vitality. Whatever it is, […]

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You Can Be As Happy As Oprah

You can be as happy as Oprah…when you rely on your senses to guide you.   You might be thinking that being that happy is impossible because Oprah has all that dinero.  Let’s set that […]

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Mindfulness and Children

Children and Mindfulness Mindfulness is a opening to the present moment. The magic of the present moment is freedom, peace and power. When children (at any age) can consciously and honestly associate their feelings with […]

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Winter Solstice Stars

Early this year we were visiting a mountain community in California. At 2:00 AM our dog wanted to go out! It was about 17 degrees Fahrenheit – cold, dry, cold! Coming from southern California, I […]

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Sebastiao Salgado, A Story of Art, Personal and Planetary Healing

There are stories and then their are amazing moving stories of transformation. This is one of those stories. Sebastiao Salgado experienced a transformation from suffering to complete renewal. On this course he and his family […]

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Nature’s Healing Presence

Every healing effort and every healing intention starts within the practitioner who has an accepting, mindful, and compassionate relationship with his or her self. This is the foundation of the practitioner’s Healing Presence. This principle […]

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The Nature of Americans Research

The research is in and we now know that Americans spend less than 5 hours outside during a week. That is likely to be on the high end. We know that the idea of nature […]

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Nature Reconnection is a Wellness Excursion

Integrating Nature Reconnection For Your Wellness Somewhere along the way we forgot our most valuable life art and skill: how to connect and be in the natural world.  In this program you will experience easy and […]

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