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When I began my study and work with Applied Ecopsychology towards creativity and personal development I felt a sense of liberation. Liberation from subtle stories of disconnection permeating our lives. Once anyone learns these life skills – how to engage with Nature in a holistically global way, a profound shift in perception and experience occurs. This shift removes the stories holding us back from living in health and happiness. As a culture we have become accustomed to seeing Nature has a backdrop to our stories. In reality, Nature plays a central role – we are Nature too. Our ability to shield ourselves from the natural world has caused us to see ourselves as separate. The perspective of seeing ourselves as separate and disconnected from Nature has consequences. The consequences include emotional, physical and mental sensations of loss.

Practicing simple activities of Nature Reconnection daily is a nourishing and rebalancing approach to life. For information on how you can learn to access the wealth of nourishment and genius available to you drop me a note at contact.

For a moment of fascinating insight into the field of Applied Ecopsychology read Dr. Michael J. Cohen’s blog here.

In her recent book, Treading On Thin Air, Elizabeth Austin, shares stories about atmospheric physics, forensic meteorology, climate change and how the weather shapes our everyday lives. Every story of disaster is a story of humans trying to conquer Nature rather than harmonize with Nature. Even though this seems like common sense, we often hear stories of disconnection from Nature that lead to serious problems. Whether is it the Pokeman Go players falling off a cliff (good heavens.. as if geography isn’t relevant) to a holiday excursion in a hot air balloon turning fatal because the pilot ignored the weather and the clouds that obscured his view of the powerlines that ignited the balloon.

What is disconnecting humans from their life affirming senses? Is it technology? Maybe we have come to rely on technology as the superior source of information. So much so that our own senses are sidelined in favor of a technological assesment and solution. It’s cool to be reminded to take 10,000 steps and record that effort. Does that cause some people to focus on the number rather than how they feel in their body?

Nature seeks balance. Humans seek balance. We seek balance through our senses, our life affirming life skills and intelligences. Nature Reconnection activities engender trust in our natural senses. We have 54! Many of these are latent because we don’t use or nourish them.  Many are sidelined by the stories we tell ourselves.

Elements of Leadership By Nicholas Janni connects leadership to our shared elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether. This is a story of the potential of Nature Reconnection. Adding to Janni’s Core Presence approach Nature Reconnection activities that enliven, deepen and broaden our multi-sensory capacities are essential to eco-leadership, eco-self-development and …I hesitate to say it this way …eco-bliss. The bliss of belonging is experienced through Nature Reconnection.

life skills


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