Sense of Gratitude


An easy multi-sensory nature reconnection activity that builds your healing sense of gratitude.

Nature Reconnection Activity: Welcome to Your World

Find a sit spot that looks attractive, comfortable or interesting to you. Make sure you’re really attracted to this spot because in this activity you will need to stay there for about 15 minutes.

Enliven your olfactory senses: Once you are in your  comfortable spot, take some deep breaths. What scents can you detect? Put your nose close to the ground, to the tree or other plants – note the different fragrances.

Enliven your solar and seasonal senses: What time of day is it? What is the season? Notice your ability to sense your relationship to the sun and Earth’s seasonal relationship with sun.

Enliven your tactile senses: How does the air feel – is it hot, cool, warm, moist? Touch things around you.  Be gentle with your touch and notice the difference in how the leaves, soil, stones and stems feel. Be careful not to touch anything with sharp edges or stickers. Are the stems square or round, the rock smooth or rough, etc.

Enliven your auditory senses: Next close your eyes and listen. Listen as far away as possible. Note what you hear. Listen closely. Can you name these sounds or what is making them?  If you don’t know what is making the sound its OK. Simply get a sense of its pitch, volume and melody if there is one.

Enliven your visual senses: Open your eyes and look around. Then look for something that attracts your attention. Look closely – can you count the number of colors you see. Each shade of green or brown or blue or any color is a different color. What shapes do you see? What is moving? What is still? What makes it attractive to you?

Enliven your sense of gratitude:  As you give your attention to each sense, thank it for what it brings you. Each sense is an intelligence given to you by Nature.

Notice how giving yourself time to experience and let Nature nourish your multi-sensory abilities feel. (This activity cannot be done in an artificial environment.)

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