Forests Communicate

Within forests, trees communicate with eachother and interact with magnificiently interwoven systems of life.

When we walk in forests – life is communicating with us and awakening our senses of humility, appreciation and ethics. Senses of form, design, and beauty enliven; our  territorial sense lights up when we meet a wild creature. Witnessing the ruthless clear cutting of the forest touches our sense of sorrow and sacrifice. Going for a walk to enliven our sense of wonder is a powerful way to reconnect with Nature.

We may have forgotten how to nourish our senses if we have spent too much time in artificial environments. Fortunately there is a major movement afoot to reconnect humanity to Nature!

Watch Suzanne Simard’s story to learn how her life transformed around her sense of curiosity, sense of patience and sense of wonder!

In forests it is clear that everything is connected. One day humans will sense our own connection to everything!



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