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Discover how being in Nature can enhance your awareness, creativity, and health. The author celebrates that each person has a unique relationship with the natural world. In a series of photographs, essays, and experiments, Kozak […]

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Biomimicry and Higher Intelligence

See Nature Next Biomimicry Documentary So maybe humans aren’t the most ‘intelligent’ species on the planet. Clearly, intelligent species thrive in optimal health, don’t waste anything, care for the health of the larger community, develop […]

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Living My Gift Now

You are gifted. Sense the most beautiful tree, flower or even a tiny blade of grass that you can see – notice the color, fragrance, shape, form, texture, energy, vibrancy and vitality. Whatever it is, […]

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Winter Solstice Stars

Early this year we were visiting a mountain community in California. At 2:00 AM our dog wanted to go out! It was about 17 degrees Fahrenheit – cold, dry, cold! Coming from southern California, I […]

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The Nature of Americans Research

The research is in and we now know that Americans spend less than 5 hours outside during a week. That is likely to be on the high end. We know that the idea of nature […]

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Nature Reconnection is a Wellness Excursion

Integrating Nature Reconnection For Your Wellness Somewhere along the way we forgot our most valuable life art and skill: how to connect and be in the natural world.  In this program you will experience easy and […]

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How Forests Heal People

  How Forests Heal People is the beginning of a worldwide movement to learn how to reconnect with Nature. Nature is the Book of Wisdom. Nature is so much more than a “resource” or a […]

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So Much To Treasure

Earthlings are blessed with Nature’s treasure. For some reason we don’t experience this treasure in our daily living. There’s a growing global community of folks that have found making experiences in the natural world central […]

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Experience A Miracle

Experience A Miracle. 2,000 years ago Aristotle said we have 5 senses. Today we know that we have more than 50! You are a multi-sensory miracle! Modern life can have a high cringe factor: too loud, […]

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Forests Communicate

Within forests, trees communicate with eachother and interact with magnificiently interwoven systems of life. When we walk in forests – life is communicating with us and awakening our senses of humility, appreciation and ethics. Senses of form, design, and […]

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