Living My Gift Now

living my gift now

You are gifted.

Sense the most beautiful tree, flower or even a tiny blade of grass that you can see – notice the color, fragrance, shape, form, texture, energy, vibrancy and vitality. Whatever it is, it is living it’s gift, moment to moment gathering, giving and becoming more of itself. Transforming light, moisture, and nutrients to make itself more, growing in radiance and vitality.

Notice how you feel when you are living your gift.

You are gifted. You are the gift. Just like the tree, flower and blade of grass when you are living your gift now, moment to moment, … the whole of life, Earth and Universe is in harmony with you. You are in the right place at the right time, thinking thoughts that feel good, and doing things the way you love to do them.

There are dizzying drum beats of distraction that can cause you to occasionally forget your gift…

All your power is in remembering and living your gift now. So write that in blue ink on the palm of your hand, tie a red string around your finger, or stick hot pink post-it notes everywhere … or, keep it simple and wear this hand finished silver bracelet and dress your mind for your great life. In case you’re wondering…it goes with everything.
The Living My Gift Now bracelet is available for purchase here.

A moment of inspiration. 

This is Adela. Her full name is Adela Godsend La Bella. We were driving over the Sherwin Pass north of Bishop California when ‘nature called’ her.   I pulled into a scenic overlook and took her for a walk.




Suddenly, this flower covered cross caught my eye.

There are startling moments in life when spirit speaks. This was one of those moments. Through the five-hour drive that followed I listened. Exchanging thoughts with a dear friend …between the two of us this thought crystallized: Living My Gift Now ….breath by buoyant breath. In the rush and bustle of daily life distractions can steal our attention from the present moment.  I decided to design a reminder. This one is made by master gold and silver smith, Theresa Pytell.

The Living My Gift Now bracelet is available for purchase here.

moment of inspiration
Adela, living her gift now! With her friend Katie.
These beloved canines are a constant reminder…don’t hold back…be joyful and go for it even when your hair looks wild and weird!

Katie and Adela on the fly


…Breath by Buoyant Breath

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