So Much To Treasure

Earthlings are blessed with Nature’s treasure.

For some reason we don’t experience this treasure in our daily living.

There’s a growing global community of folks that have found making experiences in the natural world central to life generates the treasures of health, prosperity, and peace. It isn’t complicated. It’s a walk in a natural setting while opening your multi-sensory capacity. It’s setting aside daily news, worries, and fears and letting Nature work her magic for you.

When human nature reunits with Nature many of our struggles will be resolved. Our decisions about self-care and Earth-care will shift to a holistic interdependent paradigm. We will say bye-bye to polluting our environment and hello to treasuring the gift we call life. We won’t need an app to remind us to breathe because every tree we see reminds us that their species is our breath.

The data is in. Our bodies heal in Nature. Forest Bathing or Forest Medicine is intentionally practiced in Japan, Germany, Korea and other locales. Nature is waiting for you to engage regardless of your age. Watching this piece on Forest Kindergartens tickles my inner child – reconnecting with Nature is best when I do it in the company of my inner child. Try it and you may find that your curiosity, your wonderment and appreciation of all things wild refreshes you in amazing ways. Life gets lighter.


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