Experience A Miracle

Experience A Miracle.

2,000 years ago Aristotle said we have 5 senses. Today we know that we have more than 50! You are a multi-sensory miracle!

Modern life can have a high cringe factor: too loud, too polluted and too artificial.  There’s more than enough to assault our senses. To survive we subdue our senses. We desensitize for survival. We desensitize ourselves against the obvious destruction of Nature. There’s a problem with this strategy. Our senses are our natural intelligences. They inform our creativity, thinking and behaviors. We need enlivened senses to be at our best.

Experience Nature


There’s nothing new about Nature accept that Nature has huge competition for our attention today. The  images on our screens seem more real and more important to our happiness and success than the tree outside our window. In his book “Reconnecting with Nature”, author  Dr. Mike Cohen suggests: “If we want nature’s wisdom and miracles to assist our personal lives and life on Earth, then it makes sense to consciously make tangible affirming contacts with nature. These affirming contacts awaken nature’s miraculous creativity and wisdom that lies within us.”


Applied Ecopsychology

Tangible, life affirming contacts with nature are simple activities. These activities attract us to the present moment, the Now. The connection to nature has a powerful re-balancing effect.  It is an experience of the multi-sensory natural world. This connection reduces unhealthy levels of stress, refreshes mind and body. Nature does the work. We access fresh wisdom and perspective. Trust, confidence, and our love of life grow with each activity.

Nature is source and central to life on Earth. Nature connection experiences change our choices, and open our minds to new ways of thinking and living.


A participant in a recent Nature Reconnection workshop shared these comments about one activity.

“The activity was to make a square with my fingers as if framing a photo. I used my finger frame to scan the environment for something that attracted my attention. The  frame I felt the greatest attraction to was the scene of young children in a surf class running into the coming tides. I gave my attention to my senses. The ocean glimmered, the sunshine warm, tides crashed, shreiks of joy came from the kids in the chilly water, the feel of the gritty sand, the breeze on my skin, pelicans and seabirds, black rocks and the blues of sky and water, the distant horizon – somehow it all restored my sense of self and possibility. I’d been trying to work out a problem at work and in that moment I felt the strong sensation of support and of new possibilities coming forward. 

The workshop facilitator asked us to present our problem to nature and simply see what comes forward. It was amazing. I knew what my next step would be.”

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