Higher Connections with Nature

Higher Connections with Nature

We are often told that we need to choose. There are primarily two ways of thinking about something. In order to know your place in the world and to be accepted you have to choose between one and the other. A coin has two sides so we go along.

When courage rises we allow new ideas to jar loose the strict walls we live between. Courage is necessary. By stepping away from binary thinking we will be at risk of “not belonging”. The warning label includes being discounted, marginalized, labeled as unserious, a magical thinker, or plain crazy.

Communicating with the mavericks that make the choice to “not belong” to one side or the other is a liberating experience.

Tommy Thomas is one of the mavericks. In Alajuela, Costa Rica, the ARK Ethnobotanical Farm flourishes with Tommy’s open-minded vision for elevating plants and plant education. These 17.5 acres was to be a home site. The land had another idea and in Tommy, Earth found a willing partner.

Ethobotanist, Agustin Contreras Arias guides visitors through the 400 medicinal plants and 1200 additional species at the ARK Ethnobotanical Farm. With a twirl of black hair arranged a top his head, Arias has the looks the part of a plant guru. He is one of the three top ethnobotanists and plant educators in Costa Rica. Arias, who speaks fluent English, is also a generous maverick sharing 25 years of practical knowledge of medicinal applications of plants. He is a scientist who also speaks and listens to plants. He’s not afraid to say that. He described the herbal approach and protocols for addressing cancer. We conversed about health conditions like MS and other auto-immune diseases that are difficult to heal with plants or anything else. When such a situation arises, Arias agreed that vibrational or spiritual healing holds potential. 

Beloved and well known naturopath, master herbalist, radiesthesist, healer and maverick, Hanna Kroeger, described miasma as one of the seven causes of illness. The other six causes include neglect, trauma, congestion, infection, parasites, and environmental toxins. Each of those has multiple and specific subcategories. In Hanna’s theory and system, miasma is a tendency toward a pattern of illness. This latent pattern can be inherited or acquired through life. I wonder if the common intractable illnesses are miasmas that require more than standard protocols, Western or otherwise. 

We all have these amazing threads of connection that appear in an extra or higher sensory way when our heart is seeking answers. It’s one of the marvels of being human. Suddenly the mind lights up with an idea or remembrance. My conversation with Agustin Contreras Arias made a heart mind connection and I recalled Richard Gerber MD, another maverick and author of Vibratonal Medicine

When confronted with these seemingly intractable illnesses in yourself, or a loved one, life revolves around looking for the “cure” and binary thinking gives way to alternate possibilities. Within 24 hours of returning home from Costa Rica, I’d located my 1988 edition of Vibrational Medicine. The book fell open to the chapter entitled The Wisdom of Nature and the section discussing the problem of miasms! Flower essences are explored as helpful for treating these deep-seated issues, miasms. With hundreds to select from it is important to verify the optimal flower essence for the condition. The only way to do this is with special kinesiology (muscle testing) or the finer approach:  French Radiesthesia

Adding a Flower Essence to your healing protocols acknowledges your multi-sensory connection to Nature.  Here, Lotus Flower and its Elixir or Essence is beautifully described. 

I am fortunate to have been introduced to French Radiesthesia by Hanna Kroeger 30 years ago. This along with plant medicine has made all the difference!

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