Biomimicry and Higher Intelligence


Ray Through Lush Forest Plants

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So maybe humans aren’t the most ‘intelligent’ species on the planet. Clearly, intelligent species thrive in optimal health, don’t waste anything, care for the health of the larger community, develop resources for themselves and others, prosper and expand life.

The concept of ‘re-naturing’ is simple.  It is living as a living system connected to other living systems including Earth. You and I are not a collection of parts. When we treat ourselves and life as reductionist it never works out optimally.

Deeply delving into the continually fluctuating innovations of the natural world can only result in a state of awe.  For instance, all plants continually shift biochemically in response to the environment, to the needs of other plants and to the cycles of life. This level of intelligence is beyond our current capacity to analyze.  Consider the yarrow plant, it has 132 different biochemical components. At least that is what has been recorded so far.  These components shift in concentration in order to innovate optimal life generating environments and nutrients for other plants and for insects and animals. A plant with 20 biochemical components would have over a million possible combinations. The yarrow plant with at least 132 biochemcal components has so many possible combinations we can’t count them.

At last count there are 400,000 types of flowering plants on Earth. All of these plants are continually innovating their biochemistries, fulfilling their life cycles and constantly communicating while serving the health of our living system… whether we help them or not. “Astonishing” feels like too small of a word to describe the sense of wonder at the intelligence of life on Earth.

We have tried to standardize everything through force while we live in a world of phenomenal fluid sensory intelligence. As more people begin to trust that Nature is medicine, Nature is teacher and Nature cares about humans, the more affection we will demonstrate toward Earth and all living systems.

What separates us from Nature? Only our thoughts. The journey to understand and learn from Nature naturally awakens a level of consciousness that changes the way we think, feel and live.

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