Mindfulness and Children

Children and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a opening to the present moment. The magic of the present moment is freedom, peace and power. When children (at any age) can consciously and honestly associate their feelings with senses the results are empowering. Relating their feelings to experiences in Nature reconnects their psyche to the natural world! “I feel like a rainbow”… changes the way a child participates and thinks because feeling like a rainbow is far beyond feeling happy.


Bringing Nature back into our daily language naturally changes our relationship with the entire natural world and the nature within us. Amazing things, miracles even, can happen as a result.

Children learning Mindfulness

Is there a better, richer more lasting gift that we can give our children then to provide them space and support to connect to the natural world? The Children and Nature Network provides guidance and tools.

Is there a better, richer more lasting gift that we can give ourselves, than to make room in our schedules and consciously link our lives to Nature? A recent study of college students showed that even 40 seconds yes 40 seconds! of viewing Nature improved their cognition over those who looked at a blank wall for 40 seconds.  So look out the window or better yet go for a walk!




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