Nature Cures Stress

nature cures stressNature Cures Stress

With the right dose, Nature works miracles and cures stress. According to current research on Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing,  a 2 hour dose of nature in a safe and tree-shaded setting significantly lowers salivary cortisol, a measure of stress. And, there’s more. Heart rate variability, blood serum glucose, and blood pressure measurements improve with this 2 hour dose of nature. There’s a lot going on out there and inside of you.

For instance, plants are aware. They perceive colors in red, blue, far red and UV light. They respond to touch.  Some plant species are more sensitive to touch than we are. Plants respond to aromas from other plants. In fact, plants warn one another when they have been threatened by a predator. They modify their physiology and emit specific fragrances to protect themselves and maintain their health.

Turns out that when you make a choice to bathe safely in nature then you’re also making a choice for self-care. Refreshing light, moisture, motion, colors, sounds, silence and plant terpenes silently wafting through the air are also stress busting messengers.

Nature is Generous

‘Aromatherapy’, a practice once regarded as a fringe idea is relevant and impactful. In Japan the research is being conducted in forests of Hinoki Cypress. This magnificent tree is applied commercially for temple buildings, saunas and Japanese baths. The fragrant oil extracted from Hinoki Cypress is being tested outside the forest bathing setting in double-blind studies.  These volatile chemicals are part of the plants own immune and defense system. They have the same influence on humans. As we inhale these molecules travel through our olfactory system crossing the blood brain barrier to trigger a cascade of positive physiological responses.

If your therapeutic Nature bath is hours or days away then perhaps diffusing Hinoki Cypress oil in your environment along with a cup of herbal tea will provide a restorative, stress busting nature reconnection. Nature cures stress.

“Life is a sea of subtle tangible connections by design of Divine Intelligence.”



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