Nature Reconnection Benefits

Nature reconnection activityThe Benefits of Nature Reconnection activities are rich:

Elevate your creativity

Enlighten your version of success

Give a fresh context for improving your health and wellness.

Nature reconnection activities bring you closer to the illusive happiness point and closer to the actualization of life well-lived. Nature Reconnection has a purpose. That purpose is to guide individuals into a dynamic, conscious, connected relationship with the natural world. Within that relationship, treasure awaits each and every person. Treasure!

The funny thing is that “Nature Reconnection” is a bit mysterious. The topic brings up questions:
Is it a walk in the park? Yes, it can be.
Is it a hike? Yes, it can be.
Is it gardening? Yes, it can be that too.
How do you do it? You become aware of your senses, your capacity to listen in all directions, see detail, sense season, sense time of day, sense temperature, sense motion and stillness, sense fragrance, sense your location, your ability to move in space, let go of labels, and open to the nameless intelligence that you are living in.
How often do you do it? Good question. It is something to do for the rest of your life as often as you like doing it.

That’s significant. 

In every life, startup and growing business so much opportunity can flow in “the Zone”,  as leader/vision keeper you are the attentive encouraging presence, laser focused on refinement and development. Nature Reconnection supports your role as leader and visionary.

That’s thrilling. 

On the other side of that so much can careen off course disappearing into the rough or into dark thickets…Nature Reconnection helps you trust your decisions, recognize your best choices and return to a healthy, fluid zone of activity.

That’s vital.

The beauty of a life, a business, a creative project is in the story it lives. When that story is Nature Reconnected, the endeavor becomes a thriving ecosystem in the natural world – it’s way beyond words. Nature Reconnection is for you if you spending most of your life living and working in artificial environments with excessive screen times.  Nature Reconnection is for you if you are struggling to find your place in the world. And, Nature Reconnection is for you if your health is adversely impacted by lifestyle, stress or disease.

You’re not alone. 

There is a growing number of people writing and working in this field all over the world.
I facilitate Nature Reconnection day and weekend retreats where you will learn activities and practices that you can apply immediately. Two locations are available: Southern California and the Eastern Sierra.

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