Nature Reconnection

Nature Connection

Every moment in Nature is a once in a Lifetime moment.

There seems no greater gift to myself than to step out into Nature wholly prepared to engage, with permission, her transformational teachings, mysterious intelligence and endless elegance. And, that’s a gift I enjoy before I have my morning tea.

Every human that has brought forth a consciousness raising discovery, creation or effort, is deeply connected with Nature. I’m not naming names here because every person is blessed with Nature connectability. The wonder in Nature can animate each unique human heart, mind and body in magnificient ways. Natural Navigator and author Tristan Gooley states it plainly: “If you do not make nature connection a way of life, you are gambling a lot on there being another life like this one.”

In his book “Reconnecting with Nature”, author and ecopsychologist Mike Cohen makes this claim: “If you are missing the natural joy and wisdom of life, it is because you have been taught to ignore it.”

Reflecting on my own life, I agree. Ignoring Nature and my place in it  and narrowing my search for peace and well-being to artificial environments and nature-separated peddlers of “do it my way” was a sure path to pain and confusion. Embracing a nature connected way of life made all the difference. If anyone calls you an “earth mother” you are definitely on a smart path!

Nature RX!

As our minds are being increasingly gratified by the lure of screen technology, virtual worlds and artificial experiences we are subconciously learning to leave Nature out. The bigger the buzz we get from artificial environments the more we believe we don’t need Nature. Helmets, oxygen tanks and space suits don’t strike me as sexy.

For many people, Nature is a screensaver – beautiful and sufficient in an artificial way. This is the misperception we must change.

Nature Reconnection comes naturally to each and every human being. It’s our biological and soulful reality. Make the connection and improve your life, preserve our precious planetary home and get off your **%&$. There’s fresh air, fresh thought and a fresh creativity outside.

Every moment is a once in a life time moment…not to be ignored.

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