Nature’s Healing Presence

Health Care Practitioners

Every healing effort and every healing intention starts within the practitioner who has an accepting, mindful, and compassionate relationship with his or her self. This is the foundation of the practitioner’s Healing Presence. This principle recognizes the symmetry between an individual’s relationship with the outer world and the relationship with his or her inner world.

Health Practitioners are the most important aspect of any healing environment because they provide skilled treatment, understanding, and counsel. Viewed in this light, holistic practitioners are not simply separate selves doing something to the client; they are an integral part of the client’s healing journey. This quality of being with the client requires attention to the practitioner’s own healing environment, both internally and externally.

Life stresses require a continual cycle of personal replenishment and self-care for practitioners.

What role does the natural world have in this cycle of self-care? Does reconnecting with nature support the healing presence of the practitioner? Can multi-sensory connections in nature fulfill the need for self-compassion?

To answer these questions we are conducting nature reconnection events for health practitioners at the San Diego Botanic Garden, July 23rd and 30th and August 6th. We have selected Sunday mornings from 9 to 11 AM for our activities because the garden is a quiet haven of beauty and relaxation. To participate and reserve your spot contact Rhana Kozak. Reservations are limited.

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