The Nature of Americans Research

The research is in and we now know that Americans spend less than 5 hours outside during a week. That is likely to be on the high end. We know that the idea of nature […]

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Nature Reconnection is a Wellness Excursion

Integrating Nature Reconnection For Your Wellness Somewhere along the way we forgot our most valuable life art and skill: how to connect and be in the natural world.  In this program you will experience easy and […]

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How Forests Heal People

  How Forests Heal People is the beginning of a worldwide movement to learn how to reconnect with Nature. Nature is the Book of Wisdom. Nature is so much more than a “resource” or a […]

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So Much To Treasure

Earthlings are blessed with Nature’s treasure. For some reason we don’t experience this treasure in our daily living. There’s a growing global community of folks that have found making experiences in the natural world central […]

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Experience A Miracle

Experience A Miracle. 2,000 years ago Aristotle said we have 5 senses. Today we know that we have more than 50! You are a multi-sensory miracle! Modern life can have a high cringe factor: too loud, […]

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Forests Communicate

Within forests, trees communicate with eachother and interact with magnificiently interwoven systems of life. When we walk in forests – life is communicating with us and awakening our senses of humility, appreciation and ethics. Senses of form, design, and […]

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Love of Life

On the Beach at Night, Alone                 ~ Walt Whitman ON the beach at night alone,  As the old mother sways her to and fro, singing her husky song,  As I watch the bright stars […]

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Life Skills

  When I began my study and work with Applied Ecopsychology towards creativity and personal development I felt a sense of liberation. Liberation from subtle stories of disconnection permeating our lives. Once anyone learns these life skills – how to […]

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Nature Reconnection Benefits

The Benefits of Nature Reconnection activities are rich: Elevate your creativity Enlighten your version of success Give a fresh context for improving your health and wellness. Nature reconnection activities bring you closer to the illusive […]

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Self-Management Brings Body, Mind and Nature Together Self-Management is every thing you do, every practice you enjoy, every choice you make to bring out your best. Self-management may include a diet, an exercise routine, green juicing, yoga […]

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