The Nature of Americans Research

The research is in and we now know that Americans spend less than 5 hours outside during a week. That is likely to be on the high end. We know that the idea of nature reconnection is ready to be redefined.

Nature reconnections:

Hiking and camping in a natural setting or reserve.
Recreational activities: fishing, skiing, sledding, surfing, sailing, climbing, biking,
A walk in the park.
A walk on the beach.
Yoga outside.
Meditation outside.
Brainstorming and problem solving in a natural setting.
Being in your own backyard.

Nature reconnection is a visit to the unified field in real time. Go out, absorb and enjoy the natural world. If the wilderness scares you find a safe public garden or park. Take a friend and learn to enjoy the awe and beauty instead of discussing the daily dramas.
Take the headset off and give your listening sense a refreshing relief.


The Nature of American Research Results


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